Durability Analysis

Vehicle Durability Modeling/Analysis:

1) Linear/Nonlinear Stress
2) Fatigue Life
3) Pick-up Box Drum Drop Test
4) Panel Palm Print
5) Seatbelt Pull
6) Dent Resistance
7) Panel Oil Canning



Simulation of Metal Stamping Processes:

1) Blank Development
2) Stamping Die Design
3) High Strength Steel
4) Springback Prediction and Die Compensation
5) High Stress Steel Stamping Springback Data Analysis



Vehicle Crash Test Modeling/Analysis:

  Generalety has many years of experiences in vehicle crashworthiness analysis. Generalety has successfully performed numerous consulting projects from our customers for the purpose...



Generalety provides the following services:

1) Normal Mode Analysis
2) Stiffness Evaluation
3) Noise and Boom Levels
4) Beaming Levels
5) Point Mobility



Material Database

Generalety is providing the following services in material database:

  Quasi - static tensile test data for sheet metal forming simulation

  High strain rate dynamic...



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